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Internet Radio / TV / Video / News / Magazine / eBook / Photos (with digital frame)

Luxury portable multimedia player-Cloudia
Cloudia is portable multimedia player let you take your favorite 8 cloud multimedia services wherever you go. This portable multimedia player features 7" LED screen with 800 x 480 high resolution and remote control. With built-in Android 2.2® system, Wi-Fi and user friendly interface, you can enjoy global entertainment easily. By Muzee cloud technology, Cloudia integrates 8 cloud multimedia services, including internet TV, internet radio, e-news, e-magazines, e-Books, Internet videos, digital alarm clock and Internet digital photo frame. You can either enjoy internet entertainments in the palm of your hand or view your favorite photos as photo frame.

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Brilliant display for multimedia
7" LED screen with LED backlight technology will grace your viewing experience. In addition to Android 2.2® system, Cloudia integrates a huge number of multimedia contents on the net.
Easy operation
Turning on the player with remote control and then you can enjoy cloud multimedia player immediately. Just a simple click to customize your platform well by region, genre, language and my favorites.
Automatic 24-hour quality monitoring
All contents updates in every moment. A internet digital photo frame with LED backlight technology is to recall your memory at any time.
Integrate 8 cloud multimedia services immediately
It integrates live channels with local synchronization like internet TV, internet radio, e-news, e-magazines, internet video, e-books, electronic alarm clock and internet digital photo frames.

Your gateway to global vision - 2,000 Internet TV
Internet TV
Cloudia is the portable multimedia player. It has a 7" LED screen, 2,000 kinds of channels, and can keep you informed with latest on Entertainment program. Cloudia will open your media world through Wi-Fi or ethernet.

Music is at any time - 10,000 Internet Radio
Internet Radio
Cloudia collects 10,000 Internet radio. when sitting on the sofa or taking a bath, it enables you to enjoys superior music like Classic, Jazz, Blues, Rock and etc.

The latest news on hand - 24hrs Internet News
10,000 Internet News
The news can be easily browsed in a scroll with finger control. Cloudia integrates the latest and instant news information. You can easy to enrich your reading vision immediately.

Get free your own knowledge - 10,000 e-Magazines
10,000 e-Magazines
Cloudia integrates the latest e-magazines what you need. Just only browsing in a scroll and clicking the links, you can get knowledge quickly.

Video to move you - 1,000,000 Internet Video
Internet Video
Cloudia with 7-inch LED screens is to display bright and vivid images for a superb viewing experience. Take Cloudia multimedia player along and you are ready to have a good time.

A library in your hand - 260,000 e-Books
200,000 e-Books
Cloudia is also the mini e-library to integrate a huge number of e-books. It supports multiple formats, while giving you access to over 260,000 free public contents. Read your favorite literatures or stories anywhere at any time on the net. Explore a new level of reading and access to infinite information with the Cloudia.

Frame your memories with style - Internet Digital Photo Frames
Digital Photo Frames

You are free to use on-screen menus to watch your photos in USB or to browse selected online photos which integrate through Cloudia. The sleek frame design complements any home or office. It’s a great gift for any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, family days or get one for yourself and shows all of your favorite photographs with quality, convenience and style. Cloudia accepts USB 2.0 storage devices and supports photos in JPEG format. Cloudia is the best choice for personal use and gifting for any occasion.

212 x 144 x 32 mm
DDR2 512MB
AC-DC Adapter, 100~240V Input, 12V Output, 1.5A
Network & Connector
Audio Out
10/100MB Ethernet LAN port
3.5mm Earphone Jack
Built-in speaker 1.5w x 2
Power indicator
Power Adaptor x 1、Stand x 1、Remote Control x 1
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